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[13 Nov 2003|08:33pm]

hey guys help me out, if you already havnt, sign this petition for me. http://www.petitiononline.com/shannonh/petition.html im really serious on this, its something i feel strongly about and id like for you guys to help me out by signing it as well. not much to ask ya no. so to all of you that signed THANKS! it really means alot, and to those who havnt, please go there and read it and sign it for me. thanks!

PLEASE SEND THE PETITION TO EVERY ONE YOU KNOW! we need to put a stop put a stop to the discriminatory rules being enforced!
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plymouth sucks [27 Jul 2003|02:41pm]

yeah id have to say plymouth sucks. acually 80% of MA sucks.
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yea britt!! [12 May 2003|07:33am]

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ok..boys suck. end of discussion. no need for replys. cuz its true AND U KNOW IT


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